Are You Ready to Work with Nature and Help Your Community Thrive?

We Are The Forest is a Nature + STEM Academy conducted in K-12 Schools.

 Our curriculum trains students and teachers to connect with the power of place & Nature.

Graduates of our Academy are certified in Nature-Based Systems Thinking: 

A problem-solving lens that sees ecological challenges as opportunity for positive social impact. 


Nature-Based Systems Thinking is:

Ecosystem Services

Green Infrastructure

Ecosystem Services


All the products, benefits, and services that Nature provides for free. Ecosystem Services are a way to measure and account for the true value of Nature. 


Green Infrastructure

Ecosystem Services


Using the patterns and designs found in Nature to solve human problems and create new innovations. Biomimicry is a design approach that sees Nature as the ultimate engineer. 

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure


Urban infrastructure that mimics the resilience of  natural ecosystems and their functions. 

With living buildings and architecture, 

we can re-integrate our cities with Nature. 

Graduates of our academy

The Nature + STEM Career Path

A graduate of the We Are The Forest Academy will have hands-on jobs training, career exposure and experience in:

Bio-engineering, forest ecology, closed-loop systems thinking, permaculture, agroforestry, agro-ecology, civil engineering, soil ecology, landscape architecture, urban planning, biomimicry, resilient community development, eco-justice, renewable energy systems, net positive systems, living buildings, stormwater management, green infrastructure design & installation, project management, accounting for ecosystem services & natural capital, regenerative systems design and circular economics.


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